Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Lithium Ion Battery Pack Solution

CM Batteries is one professional lithium ion battery manufacturer with 15 years of industrial experience designed to custom battery li-ion batteries for tech devices and vehicles. We custom lithium-ion battery pack by assembly the cells, BMS to achieve complete lithium ion battery pack solutions with long-lasting and reliable quality.

What is the most common lithium-ion battery types ?

To achieve the customer’s needs and deliver, CM Batteries as the lithium battery supplier, achieve this by working closely with our partners to select the most suitable lithium-ion cells based the performance, price, and reliability. The most popular lithium-ion battery types are included:

We are not limited to providing these chemistries but boost your energy by providing the latest and advanced battery technology data and knowledge to meet your custom battery pack request.

Our Custom Lithium-Ion Battery Prototype Process

How We’ll Work Together
We’ll ask questions via our inquiry form to learn more about your unique needs. Please provide as much detail as possible during this phase.
We’ll determine the specifications required for your custom battery.
Battery Pack Technology Export
We will export the specification including the 3D drawing.
Our design team will create a customized battery design.
We’ll provide a sample product for you to test and approve.
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FAQ of Lithium Battery Manufacturer CM Batteries

How can you create a custom lithium-ion battery pack?

As a li-ion battery manufacturer with over 15 years of battery design experience, we can create a custom li-ion battery with rapid response and an exhaustive OEM battery guide.

CMB can design the BMS as your request with CANBUS, UART, and RS485 communication protocol based on a smart battery pack with shrink-wrap designs.

CMB also owns our production lines to ensure that reliable and high-quality lithium-ion battery is made.

Why did CMB choose lithium-ion battery?

Lithium-ion battery is eco-friendly to the environment and has wide ranges for electric surfboard, electric bike, medical devices, drone, etc.

A lithium-ion battery is very common and we can make the lithium-ion battery combination with series and parallels to support high discharge and charge rate.

How to calculate the production capacity of a lithium-ion battery manufacturer?

We often calculate the production capacity with the cell‘s assembly quantities.

Tailored Customization

Our design team can create custom battery designs for just about any device or machine.

Timely Delivery

Our efficient production and distribution process gets your product delivered in a timely manner.

Quality Guarantee

We stand by our products and guarantee you’ll be happy with your purchase.