If your device feels very hot or smells bad, do not try to remove the battery. If your device is actively smoking, clear the surrounding area.

If you are unable to move the equipment, you can extinguish the fire with sand, an approved fire extinguisher, a large glass of water, or cover it with a fire-resistant container and stand farther away. If you can move the device safely, place it in a fire-proof or well-ventilated area, such as a concrete floor – then keep it clean until the battery has cooled. Once the battery catches fire, the reaction continues until the fuel is exhausted.

What happens when a battery bulges?

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    Voltage Ranges

    12V, 25.6V, 51.2V for LiFePO4 batteries

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    Modular Batteries

    Battery packs module in series & parallels

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    Charging Method

    Charged by Solar Panels

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    Wide Temperature

    -20°C to 80°C

How to identify a bulging battery

Lithium-ion batteries use chemical reactions to generate electricity. As batteries age, this chemical reaction no longer completes perfectly, which can lead to the production of gases (called outgassing), causing the battery to bulge. Additionally, if the battery’s chemical layers do not remain properly separated (due to damage or defects), outgassing, swelling, and even fire may occur. Swelling is the result of particles becoming trapped between the cell layers and eventually puncturing the separator of the separation layer. If the separator is damaged, moisture in the air can react with the battery cells, causing them to bulge. This explosive response has infamously affected Samsung Galaxy Note7 and hoverboards, leading to severe restrictions on shipping batteries, as well as taking them on planes.

How to identify a bulging battery

As batteries swell, they expand and push other components out of the way. Typically, the display, buttons, or trackpad will be pushed out of their normal alignment. If your phone case no longer aligns as well as it once did, or there are new gaps between components, or the buttons become stiff or difficult to push, and you feel that your device’s case is starting to elastically deform with unusual The “squeezing feeling”.

The “squeezing feeling”.

  • Customized Storage System

    Our engineering team designed and developed a tailored storage system to ensure optimal performance and longevity for the buoy project.

  • Battery Replacement Strategy

    We implemented a strategy to replace lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries, enhancing performance while reducing maintenance costs and environmental impact.

  • Enhanced Power Efficiency

    Leveraging advanced technology, we significantly improved power efficiency, ensuring reliable performance in challenging marine environments.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Our commitment to exceeding expectations and delivering tangible results ensured customer satisfaction at every phase of the project, from concept to deployment.

Identification by smell

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Battery bulge FAQ

What are buoy batteries?

Buoy batteries are specialized energy storage systems designed for use in buoys, which are floating markers used in marine environments for navigation, monitoring, and safety purposes.

What are the key features of buoy batteries?

Buoy batteries are typically ruggedized and waterproof to withstand the harsh marine environment. They are compact, lightweight, and designed for long-term reliability to ensure uninterrupted operation of buoy systems.

What types of buoy batteries are available?

Buoy batteries are available in various types, including sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries, lithium-ion batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries. The choice of battery type depends on factors such as buoy size, power requirements, and operating conditions.

What are the typical applications of buoy batteries?

Buoy batteries are used to power various systems on buoys, including navigation lights, radar reflectors, AIS (Automatic Identification System) transponders, environmental sensors, communication equipment, and meteorological instruments.

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