Charge Less Program

CMB Charge Less Program

We strive to share the energy we’re amassing.

Through CMB’s Charge Less initiative, we offer advantageous discounts to organizations, programs, and institutions utilizing our products to conduct climate crisis research and resolution development, including the further development and use of drones to study environmental conditions, wildlife populations, and more. If this sounds like the work you and your organization are doing, reach out to us today to take advantage of our discounted custom battery packs!


In order to qualify for CMB’s Charge Less offerings, applicants must:

  • Be a company, public organization, or institution.
  • Utilize CMB’s battery packs to conduct research on climate crises and resolution development, environmental conditions, and/or wildlife populations.
  • Be willing to share or promote CMB’s Charge Less initiative with people and communities who could benefit from its offerings.
  • Adhere to the principles of honesty and trust.
  • Complete an application form.

Discounts Offered

CMB offers up to 25% off of custom battery pack orders placed by qualified companies, organizations, or institutions. These discounts are offered in a tiered system:

  • 10% off orders of $500-$10,000
  • 15% off orders of $10,001-$20,000
  • 20% off orders of $20,001-$50,000
  • 25% off orders of $50,001-$100,000

Offer Period

Offer Period

Each approved company, organization, or institution can enjoy CMB’s Charge Less discounts for a period of 3 years after the date of the signed contract or after the first discounted Purchase Order. To continue to receive benefits after the initial 3-year period, a new application must be submitted.

Custom Batteries

Custom Batteries

CM Batteries have decades of superb battery production technology and insist on independent research and development, innovation, manufacturing, and sales of lithium batteries. Our mission is to create high-quality batteries to provide reliable power to tech devices of all shapes and sizes.

CMB Team

CMB Team

Our engineering team members not only wield expertise in their respective positions, but they also know how to communicate and collaborate with one another to ensure the best battery pack is being put forward.

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