7.4V 2S LiPo Battery

7.4V 2S LiPo Battery

CMB provides 7.4V 2S lipo batteries which are used for IoT and medical devices. The 7.4V lipo batteries are 2S, made with 2 series 3.7V lipo cells. We manufacture 7.4 Volt lipo batteries that comply with ISO 9001:2015 and are varied with UL, IEC62133, and PSE certifications for the standard 7.4V lipo batteries.

The Main BOM of 7.4V 2S LiPo Battery

  • 2 cell 7.4V lipo
  • PCB with IC S8261-DAY
  • 10K murata NCP15XH103F03RC NTC thermistor
  • Original JST or Molex connector

The CMB engineering team always are here to serve you to get the excellent 7.4V 2S lipo battery solutions for your needs.

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7.4V 2S LiPo Battery Pack

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7.4V 2S LiPo Battery FAQ

How to order and request quotations?

CMB’s engineering team often provides reliable and durable battery solutions for high-voltage lipo batteries and 7.4V 2S lipo battery packs. Contact CMB’s CTO to continue your li-ion polymer battery pack solution.

If you are a volunteer or staff who works for the community be better, you can get technical guidance and battery packs from CMB CTO for free!

How to get the customized sample from the CMB CTO?

1. Parameters: Please describe your parameters or adapted equipment to the CTO in detail. This will allow the CTO to design the battery pack solution faster. Tell us the quantity you want to order by e-mail.

2. Lead time: The regular lead time for CMB lipo battery pack sample orders is 5-7 working days.

3. Shipment: UPS/DHL/FedEx Door to Door.

What certificate can you provide for my LiPo battery pack?

CMB has obtained IEC62133, UN38.3, MSDS, RoHS, CE, CB, UL1642, and UL2054 certification. Whether prototyping or powering equipment, CMB can provide various types of li ion polymer batteries.

The additional certification is possible for medium-to-high volume projects but more time and effort is involved. Please discuss your requirements with your LiPoly Battery representative.

What is the MOQ for your 7.4-volt lipo batteries?

The MOQ is 2000 pieces. If your 7.4V 2S lithium polymer battery solution is very complex, the MOQ will be higher.

Tailored Customization

Our design team can create custom battery designs for just about any device or machine.

Timely Delivery

Our efficient production and distribution process gets your product delivered in a timely manner.

Quality Guarantee

We stand by our products and guarantee you’ll be happy with your purchase.