Immersion Cooling Battery Pack Solutions

As a leading custom battery pack manufacturer, CMB is committed not only to providing reliable custom battery pack solutions for an array of applications but also to advancing the evolution of battery pack technology. CMB’s engineering team is dedicated to developing the most effective, safe, and high-performing batteries, and our cutting-edge immersion cooling battery packs exemplify that.
Battery packs equipped with immersion cooling technology are widely implemented in electric vehicles, electric surfboards, commercial boats, off-highway vehicles and even aerospace technology. CMB’s groundbreaking immersion cooling battery packs have enhanced thermal management capabilities thanks to our revolutionary technology.

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immersion cooling technology

What is immersion cooling technology?

Heat is a concern for many battery-operated vehicles and devices that have high charge and discharge rates or are exposed to high temperatures. CMB’s immersion cooling technology is an innovative heat dissipation method in which the battery cells, within a battery pack are completely immerse in a liquid that is insulated and nonflammable, which effectively absorbs and dissipates heat.

What are the Advantages of CMB's Immersion Cooling Technology?


Temperature Reduction

The fluorinated liquid used in CMB’s immersion cooling technology is highly thermally conductive, allowing it to efficiently absorb and dissipate heat. CMB’s immersion cooling technology reduces battery thermal energy by an impressive 20-30%, helping to prolong battery life, provide stable battery performance, and increase safety.

Longer Battery Life Cycles

CMB’s immersion cooling technology increases battery pack life cycles by 20-30%, the most notable impact being seen with battery packs that boost the discharge speed 2 times.

Increased Safety

Because thermal management guarantees optimal battery performance and chemical stability, it is a key factor in preventing battery pack fires and explosions, providing peace of mind for users.

Lower Cost

At ⅓ the cost of competitors, CMB’s immersion cooling technology is more affordable than other immersion cooling solutions on the market.
Longer Battery Life Cycles

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CMB provides custom battery packs with immersion cooling technology for a wide range of applications. We evaluate the precise needs of every of our customers to craft unique immersion cooling solutions for each application at hand.