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Low Temperature Battery Pack Solution

Low-temperature batteries can work at extremely low temperatures such as -50°C, -40°C, and -30°C, during this special time, they can keep great discharge performance and maintain high ratio capacity. Low-temperature design of lithium batteries added more solutions, just like what CMB has been doing.

Advantages of CMB Low Temperature Battery Pack

In extremely cold environments, it is very important to choose reliable low temperature lithium ion battery for your applications. CMB CTO is good at designing lithium ion battery cold solutions for power supply in the snow. Before customizing low temperature lithium battery, CMB will help you understand the conditions under different temperatures discharge rate of lithium battery packs. About the li-ion battery low temperature performance, difference between low temperature rechargeable battery and normal lithium battery, operating temperature(low temperature type is -50℃~+50℃. normal type is -20℃~+60℃):

  • Under -20℃, low temperature type remains at 90% capacity, normal type degrades to 20% fast.
  • Under -40℃, low temperature type can still work with 0.2C current and remains at 60% capacity, normal type can not work.
  • Under -50℃, low temperature type can still work with 0.2C current and remains at 40% capacity, normal type can not work.

CMB Low Temperature Batteries

CMB’s Low Temperature Battery Test


Heating Test: The cells are fully charged with standard charging conditions, and put into an incubator with nature air or cycled air convected, heat the battery by a velocity of 5°C ±2°C/min to 130°C±2°C, and maintain for 10mins.

Overcharge: After the standard charge, rest for 10 minutes; then charge at a constant current of 3C to 10V (or charge at 3C for 90mins).

Forced Discharge: The battery is to be discharged with standard discharging condition, Inverse charge current =1C; time: ≥90mins.

Short Circuit Test: The battery is to be fully charged with standard charging conditions, and short the positive and negative terminals with wire resistance ≤50mΩ.Tests are to be conducted at 23℃±3℃ and at 55℃ ±5℃, kept 24h or case temperature declines to 20% of the max temperature, the test is over.

Crush Test: A battery is crushed between two flat surfaces. The applied force is 13 kN±1kN by hydrocylinder, Once the maximum pressure has been obtained or voltage decreases to 1/3 of nominal voltage sharply, then release pressure.

Safety Characteristic: The fully charged batteries are placed in a test chamber and subjected to the following cycles:

  • Raising the temperature to 75℃±2℃ within 30 minutes and maintaining this temperature for 6 hours.
  • Reducing the temperature to minus 40℃ ±2℃within 30 minutes and maintaining this temperature for 6 hours.
  • Repeating the sequence for a further 9 cycles; after the 10th cycle, storing the batteries for 24 hours prior to examination.

Discharge Curves at Different Multiplication Rates (-20°C)

Discharge Curves at Different Multiplication Rates (-20°C)

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Discharge Curves at Different Multiplication Rates (-40°C)

Discharge Curves at Different Multiplication Rates (-40°C)

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Lithium Batteries Cold Weather Solution:

  • One of the lithium batteries cold weather solutions is made by low temperature cells which is the lithium battery for quiet weather, brands such as Molicell and Sunpower. But the ultra low temperature battery pack is designed by our CTO according to your specific requirements.
  • Another solution is made by normal li ion cells, which work at -20°C ~60°C discharge and 0°C~40°C charge. But the CMB engineering team design the best lithium batteries for cold weather with heating film technology to improve the battery efficiency.
Battery Pack Spec Solutions Temperature Capacity Retention
Low Temperature Battery Pack Solution Solution 1: low temperature cells -40°C discharge 50%
-30°C discharge 60%
Solution 2:normal li ion cell +heating film technology -40°C discharge 90%
In Solution 2 it is important to note that:The heating film technology affect the performance of the capacity retention.Besides,the lithium battery charger boost the temperature by the heating film technology and the battery start to charge during the low temperature battery is charged at the environment -20°C.

Heating Clothes Battery Solution:

The 18650 low-temperature battery can maintain a discharge of 0.2C at -30 degrees Celsius, warming your coat for a long time.

Voltage: 7.4V
Capacity: 2.5Ah
Energy Stored: 18.5Wh
Weight: 0.22 lb
Dimension: 8*37*19mm

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Adventure Sport Flashlights Battery Solution:

Provides 50% battery capacity for flashlight operation at -40 degrees Celsius.
Voltage: 3.7V
Capacity: 7.5Ah
Energy Stored: 27.8Wh
Weight: 6.4 lb
Dimension: 37*37*69mm

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Cordless Snow Blower Battery Solution:

This battery pack has a Maximum Continuous Discharge Current of 10amp.
Voltage: 52V
Capacity: 10Ah
Energy Stored: 520Wh
Weight: 6.4 lb
Dimension: 265*90*70mm

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52v 10ah battery

self heating lithium battery

Self-Heating 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Solution:

When the temperature is lower than 41 ℉, CMB 12V 200Ah LiFePO4 Battery will turn on the self-heating function to increase the temperature of the lifepo4 low-temperature battery to ensure charging and discharging.
Voltage: 12.8V
Capacity: 100Ah
Energy Stored: 1280Wh
Weight: 26.2 lb
Dimension: 300*200*220mm

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More Technical Articles On Low Temperature Batteries:

Cold Temperature Battery Pack FAQ

Can lithium battery explode in cold temperatures?

Yes,The lithium battery will be exploded in the cold temperatures exceeding the temperature range.The chemical reaction is very active and it exsit the lithium precipitation which damge the battery .When the battery packs are charged for a perido time in the cold temperatures,it would cause the fires or explosion.

How to charging lithium batteries in cold weather?

CMB adopt the heating film technology to boost the charger temperature and make the environment temperature,then the battery is charged.

Does cold temperature reduces battery life?

Yes, when the battery pack works in the cold weather, it would reduce the battery life.

Do batteries do better in the cold or heat?

It is not good for the battery in the cold and heat weather.At the standard temperature at 25°C,the battery do 100% performance.

How to keep lithium batteries warm in cold weather?

CMB design the lithium batteries solution with heating film technology.

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