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Low Temperature Battery Pack Solution

If you need a battery pack that can operate effectively at low temperatures, you’re in the right spot. CMB’s low temperature batteries support effective battery discharging at freezing temperatures as low as -50°C with high capacity retention. These low temperature lithium ion batteries can also charge at temperatures as low as -20°C and can be made with self-heating and waterproof IP68 functions. CMB’s low temperature battery packs are widely used for IoT devices and outdoor monitoring systems and can be designed with different capacities and shapes to meet your needs.

Determining The Need For A Low Temperature Rechargeable Battery

The standard lithium-ion battery discharge temperature range is -20°C to 60°C, while its charge temperature range is  0°C to 50°C. When batteries are to be operated in temperatures that exceed this range, a special high temperature or low temperature li ion battery is required to avoid battery damage, fire, and even explosions.

If you have equipment that requires its battery to be discharged in temperatures at or below -20°C and/or charged at temperatures at or below 0°C, a cold weather battery pack is the right choice for you.

CMB has expertise in designing and manufacturing custom lithium battery low temperature to meet the specific requirements of our customers and their devices. If you have any questions about whether or not you require a battery for low temperature, don’t hesitate to reach out to a CMB representative for guidance.

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Types Of Custom Low Temperature Battery Packs Offered

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Related Applications of Low Temperature Batteries

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Low Temperature Battery Pack FAQs

Can lithium batteries explode in cold temperatures?

If the battery’s operating temperature is lower than that of your lithium battery’s determined temperature range, yes, it can explode. This is because in extreme cold temperatures, the chemical reactions that take place in the battery become more active and lead to lithium precipitation, which damages the battery. When these battery packs are charged for a period of time in cold temperatures, it can cause fires or explosions. This is why it’s essential to opt for a special low temperature battery if you plan to operate your equipment in extreme cold temperatures.

How can CMB’s low temperature lithium batteries charge in cold weather?

CMB adopts heating film technology to boost the battery charger’s temperature to allow for safe and effective charging in cold environments.

Do cold temperatures reduce battery life?

Yes, when battery packs are operated in cold weather, it does reduce battery life. [Is this still true for CMB’s specially made low temperature batteries, or is the battery life protected because of the special features that low temp batteries offer?]

Do batteries do better in the cold or heat?

It is not good for lithium batteries to remain in cold or hot environments. At the ideal temperature of 25°C, the battery maintains a 100% performance rate. [Is this still true for CMB’s specially made low temperature batteries, or is the battery performance protected because of the special features that low temp batteries offer?]

How are CMB’s low temperature batteries kept warm in cold environments?

CMB’s specially designed low temperature lithium batteries use heating film technology to maintain an ideal battery temperature in cold environments.

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