Charge Again Program

CMB Charge Again Program

We strive to share the energy we’re amassing.

The primary goal of CMB’s Charge Again initiative is to keep tech waste out of landfills. We work towards that goal via three key approaches to waste prevention: repairing, recycling, and rewarding.


CMB has two international battery repair facilities located in the United States and Poland, where we offer repair services for any faulty or broken CMB product. Our goal with these facilities is to prevent customers from throwing away and replacing savable products. Below are the physical addresses of our two repair facilities.

United States:
15889 Slover Avenue
Unit B
Fontana, CA 92337

Osiedle Przemysłowe 7
69-100 Słubice, Poland


By working with Call2Recycle, a prominent nonprofit battery recycling organization based in the United States, CMB empowers its customers to recycle damaged or depleted batteries easily instead of throwing them away. To find a battery drop-off location near you, visit Call2Recycle’s website.


To encourage our customers to dispose of their used batteries in the most eco-friendly manner, we offer rewards for participating in our Charge Again program. As a CMB customer, you’ll be reimbursed for the cost of any shipping or special boxes required for the recycling of your batteries, and you’ll also receive a 2% discount on your next purchase when you recycle your battery. This offer is also valid for all end-user customers of our B2B clients, so be sure to share this incentive with your customers!

Instructions for Safe Transport

Before dropping off any batteries for recycling or repair, please take precautions to ensure any damaged or old batteries are transported safely. Always follow your battery manufacturer’s instructions and guidance.
  • Remove your batteries from their electronic devices.

  • If recycling more than one battery, sort the batteries by material classification: lithium, lead acid, alkaline, and nickel-cadmium.

  • Insulate your batteries according to your manufacturer’s guidelines.

  • Package the batteries in a UN38.3 box, and be sure no electronic devices are included. For battery repair services, you can use the UN38.3 box that the battery was originally shipped in. For battery recycling, you can use the UN38.3 box that the battery was originally shipped in or obtain a UN38.3 box from Call2Recycle.

  • Contact your battery recycling or repair location prior to dropping off your items.

Greener Future

Greener Future

If you need any assistance with the recycling or repair process, please contact the CMB team. We’d be happy to help. Together, we can keep tech waste out of mother nature’s backyard and continue to work towards a more energy efficient and eco-friendly society.

Custom Batteries

Custom Batteries

CM Batteries have decades of superb battery production technology and insist on independent research and development, innovation, manufacturing, and sales of lithium batteries. Our mission is to create high-quality batteries to provide reliable power to tech devices of all shapes and sizes.

CMB Team

CMB Team

Our engineering team members not only wield expertise in their respective positions, but they also know how to communicate and collaborate with one another to ensure the best battery pack is being put forward.

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