Quality Control Strategy

When it comes to battery pack manufacturing, we at CMB put quality above all else. CMB co-founder Max Lee personally oversees our Quality Control Department, where we implement an approach called Total Quality Control (TQC) in companionship with an attentive production design process and strict vendor selection guidelines. As a result, we produce battery packs that meet not only industry standards but also the high expectations of our customers.

Total Quality Control Strategy

Total Quality Control (TQC) is a quality management approach aimed at achieving zero product defects. This quality management system requires the active participation of all departments involved in the production and distribution of CMB batteries, including design, manufacturing, finance, marketing, and sales. CMB strives to only hire the most dedicated team members for each of its departments to ensure the absolute best quality of our products and the most efficient implementation of our design, production, testing, and distribution processes.

All CMB employees are jointly responsible for ensuring our products are held to the highest quality standards with the help of the below tools:

  • Custom manufacturing tools

    Before the manufacturing of a custom battery begins, the CMB engineering team designs a unique manufacturing tool for assembling cells in series and parallel combinations, as well as a welding process for each battery pack design to ensure reliable and accurate battery pack assembly.

  • Testing machines

    CMB methodically tests the battery packs it produces and upgrades testing machines as needed to ensure the most reliable and accurate test results.

  • Data tracking and analysis

    We have a quality tracking system in place in which data is recorded for each battery pack produced by CMB. We use the PDCA cycle to analyze and continuously improve the quality of our battery packs.

  • Customer feedback

    CMB happily accepts feedback from our customers regarding product quality to ensure we’re crafting top-tier products our customers can depend on. If you have feedback to provide on a CMB product, please contact us.

Production Design

The engineering team behind CMB has extensive experience and expertise in battery pack design, lithium-ion cell chemistry, battery hardware and software, and battery pack assembly. For every custom order, our team of engineers takes precise specifications into consideration and strategically designs a battery pack that will safely, efficiently, and reliably provide power to the application it’s being crafted. Our team then employs a thorough and efficient production design process which allows us to manufacture our custom battery packs on a large scale, error-free.

The production design process for each custom battery pack includes the following steps:

Prototype creation for the custom battery pack.

Creation of the manufacturing and testing processes for the custom battery pack, based on the approved prototype, with an emphasis placed on quality standards.

Documentation and analysis of the battery pack assembly and testing processes and techniques.

Optimization of the battery pack assembly and testing processes and techniques to ensure quality, safety, and efficiency.

Official commencement of manufacturing of the custom battery pack.

Vendor Standards

To ensure our products and services are of the utmost quality, we carefully consider each vendor that supplies CMB with the raw materials used in our custom battery packs. When selecting vendors, CMB assesses the following:

Product quality

We only choose vendors with the highest quality materials. To ensure this is true, we work with vendors that have trustworthy quality control processes in place. We also spot check the raw materials we receive according to international standards prior to moving forward with manufacturing, and we consistently assess the performance and capabilities of the cells and other materials vendors provide us with to ensure we are using the best possible products for our custom battery packs.

Timeliness of delivery

We select vendors who can reliably and consistently deliver materials on time to ensure the efficiency of our production and delivery processes.


Timeliness of delivery


CMB only works with vendors who are communicative and attentive. Timely communication helps us avoid unnecessary missed deadlines, errors in deliveries, quality issues, and financial waste.



CMB takes into careful consideration the experience and qualifications of each of our vendors to ensure we can rely on their expertise, manufacturing methods, and more.



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