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As a leading ebike battery manufacturer, CMB uses the battery industry’s most disruptive technologies and patented inventions to design and manufacture ebike battery packs. Teaming up with CMB ebike battery manufacturer, we provide not only standard lithium batteries for e-bikes but also tailored solutions. As pioneers in battery pack technology, we excel in BMS design, e-bike battery case design, and meticulous assembly, guaranteeing enduring quality and reliability.

Why Choose CMB As Your Electric Bicycle Battery Manufacturer?

Trust our expertise as a leading ebike battery manufacturer, providing support from concept and communication protocol to BMS and assembly.

  • We work closely with customers from the initial design concept, through prototyping and testing, to large-scale manufacturing from our facilities in China.
  • Our high-quality, long-lasting smart electric bike battery not only has a high energy density and compact size, but it is also lightweight for convenient use and transport.
  • Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified electric bike battery manufacturer ensures our battery packs are consistently manufactured to high standards and rigorously tested to surpass your expectations. Learn more about e-bike battery certification.
  • Our PE engineers modify our battery processes promptly, and electric bike lithium battery samples are thoroughly inspected 100% of the time.

CMB is your trusted ebike battery supplier and updates its e-bike battery brochure every year with the latest models and upgrades. Download it below for more information.

CMB E-bike Battery Product Brochure 2023 Download

CMB’s Charge On Program for Electric Bike Battery Packs Application

CM Batteries invites us to make the communities better. You can join CMB’s Charge On program. Let us thrive together and provide the help the disabled soldiers and poor children.

Also, learn about our Charge Again Program. We’re establishing battery recycling facilities in the US, Canada, France, Japan, and Germany.
Start now, our customers will be able to return their used CMB batteries for recycling and in return, receive a fantastic 10% discount on their future purchases!

In the experienced electric bike battery company, you can learn about EBike Batteries technology: how to store ebike batteries to avoid battery fire, and how we provide repair and replacement services. Contact us for more details.

36V E-Bike Battery

At CMB ebike battery manufacturer, we can produce 36V lithium batteries for e-bikes with various capacity ranges and battery cases. Our 10-20Ah electric bike battery pack (36V) is ideal for motors with 500 to 1000 watts. CMB engineering provides the following recommendations:

  • For 250W-500W Motor: 36V 10Ah electric e-bike battery
  • For 500W-750W Motor: 36V 20Ah electric e-bike battery

More Details

电动自行车电池组 36v

36V 电动自行车电池盒

48V E-Bike Battery

The 48 Volt battery for e-bikes is used to power mountain and heavy cargo e-bikes due to their higher power and current. In the CMB electric bicycle battery pack factory, we can manufacture e-bike batteries in the following types: rear, downtube, and integrated. All of these offer 1000 charge cycles.

Our CTO will be in close contact to ensure the successful installation of electric bicycle batteries and provide maintenance services when needed. He makes the below recommendations: 

  • For 500W-750W Motor: 48V 10Ah electric bicycle battery pack
  • For 750W-1000W Motor: 48V 20Ah li-ion electric bicycle battery pack
  • For 1500W Motor: 48V 30Ah li-ion electric bicycle battery pack

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电动自行车用 48 伏锂电池

48V 电动自行车电池盒

52V 电动自行车电池

CMB 的 52V 电动自行车电池具有更高的功率,可支持更长的行驶里程。这款 52 伏自行车锂离子电池可支持 1000W 电机并维持 1000 次充电周期,这意味着只要保养得当,您就可以在长途旅行中依靠它。


52v 电池电动自行车

52V 电动自行车电池盒


在 CMB 电动自行车电池工厂,我们的工程团队在开发定制电动自行车电池方面拥有丰富的经验。我们提供:

  • 电动自行车锂离子电池盒,提供 3D 图纸以满足您定制的电动自行车充电电池需求。一旦我们发现您的电动自行车锂电池请求,我们将在 7 个工作日内提供 3D 电池盒图纸。
  • 定制电池管理系统 (BMS) 设计适合每种电池类型。
  • 定制电动自行车电池组外壳,45-60 天内完成。 



36V 13Ah 下管电池



在 CMB,我们以生产高品质电动自行车电池为荣,我们使用严格的质量控制流程和先进的测试技术来确保我们的电池安全、可靠且性能卓越。CMB 的高品质、长寿命电动自行车电池不仅具有高能量密度和紧凑的尺寸,而且重量轻,方便使用和运输。CMB 相信环保和节能,因此我们的目标是为客户提供最实惠和高性能的电动自行车电池。

CMB 在生产电动自行车电池方面进行了哪些质量检查和认证?

我们拥有 IEC62133、UN38.3、ISO 9001:2015、CE 和 UL 2054 认证。

如何保养我的 CMB 电动自行车电池?

每周充电一次,避免充电至 100%,以提高电池的整体容量。您还应避免完全放电。当电池电量处于 25-50% 之间时,请充电。





What shipping methods does CMB offer?

Please reach out to a representative to determine the best shipping method for you. If you have a freight forwarder, we can provide you with EXW rates. If you’d like to pick up your order at the nearest port, we can offer FOB rates. If you want your order delivered to your doorstep, you can opt for the DDP rate.

Does CMB offer e-bike lithium-ion battery bags?

Yes, CMB can provide bags for your e-bike lithium-ion batteries, but we do have an MOQ for this request. Please reach out to a representative to learn more.

What types of e-bike battery chargers does CMB provide?

CMB can provide 42V/54.6V/58.8V lithium battery chargers.

Tailored Customization

Our design team can create custom battery designs for just about any device or machine.

Timely Delivery

Our efficient production and distribution process gets your product delivered in a timely manner.

Quality Guarantee

We stand by our products and guarantee you’ll be happy with your purchase.