CMB’s Reliable Battery Pack Technology in the Heat from 60℃~100℃

Temperature can significantly impact the performance and reliability of battery packs. CMB’s advanced technology supports reliable charging and discharging in a high temperature range of 60°C to 100°C (140°F to 210°F). This is achieved through meticulous battery cell selection, effective heat insulation, and advanced absorption and cooling technologies.

CMB uses the latest technology when it comes to optimize battery packs for elevated temperature conditions. It’s crucial to communicate your specific needs and budget during the design phase to ensure your battery pack is equipped with the most suitable features for your unique requirements.

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The Important Factors in Designing High Temperature Resistant Battery Packs

One factor in designing a battery pack for high temperatures is the duration of its operation. As shown in the table below, the choice of battery cells varies depending on whether the pack needs to operate for 4 hours or longer continuously or for shorter, intermittent periods.

High Temperature Environment Duration Cell Options Battery Pack Technology
More than 4 hours High temperature cell Heat insulation or absorption and cooling technology
Intermittent or short periods of time High temperature cell or standard cell Heat insulation or absorption and cooling technology
Design high-temperature batteries

Other factors influencing the design, materials, and technology used in each custom battery pack include space constraints, performance requirements, and budgetary considerations.

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