High Voltage LiPo (LiHV) Battery

3.8V High Voltage LiPo Battery

High-voltage lipo battery owns higher voltage than standard lipo battery. The voltage of the LiHV battery is 3.8V which has a higher energy density than the standard 3.7V lipo battery with the same dimension. The limit charge voltage of high-voltage lithium polymer batteries is 4.35V.

The engineering team of CMB always refined the battery technology of high-voltage lipo batteries to provide reliable and long-lasting batteries.

The Features of 3.8V LiHV Battery

  • Material: Lithium Cobalt Oxide
  • Nominal voltage:3.8V
  • Full charge voltage: 4.35V
  • 20% higher energy density
  • Overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit protection
  • Customized dimension
  • Built with NTC thermistor
3.7V vs. 3.8V Lithium-ion Polymer Battery Discharge Curves
Compared discharge curves for 3.8V high-voltage and 3.7V lithium batteries

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Custom 3.8V High Voltage LiPo Batteries

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3.8V High Voltage Lipo Batteries FAQ

Are all the 3.8V li-ion polymer batteries listed on the website in stock?

Simply send an email and we will get back to you within 24 hours with stock status.

Can we use the regular lipo battery charger for the high-voltage lipo batteries?

No. It would help if you used the dedicated high-voltage lipo battery charger, whose full voltage is 4.35V. You can contact the battery manufacturer to get the dedicated charger.

Does CMB customize high-voltage lipo batteries?

Of course, the CMB engineering team can provide customized high-voltage lithium polymer batteries to your needs. The lead time is 30-35 working days to make the prototype.

What is the minimum order quantity for high-voltage lipo batteries?

The MOQ for high-voltage lithium polymer batteries is 3K.

Are these the only 3.8V lipo cells you have on the website?

Not really! We are only showing some of the 3.8V lipo batteries, click this link to see them in detail, or ask us now.

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