The Power of Battery Engineering: Meet CMB’s Skilled Engineering Team

In today’s fast-paced world, technology is continuously evolving at an exponential rate, and battery design plays an essential role in that evolution. Battery pack designers are at the forefront of developing innovative and efficient custom power solutions for a wide variety of technological applications. At CM Batteries, we’re proud of our team of expert engineers who are passionate about what they do and dedicated to providing top-tier battery solutions for our customers.

CMB's Strong Engineering Team (3)
Engineering team discusses 3d battery design

Meet CMB’s Custom Battery Engineering Team

CMB’s engineering team is made up of eight highly skilled professionals, each of whom plays a key role in making our battery engineering projects a success. Let’s meet the talented members of CMB’s engineering team.

Leading our engineering staff is Wang, our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and an industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience in the lithium-ion battery industry. Having previously worked with CTAL, BYD, and BAK, three established battery pack companies, Wang brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to CM Batteries. With a deep understanding of battery technology and a keen eye for innovation, Wang spearheads our engineering team’s efforts toward developing cutting-edge battery solutions.

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Our CTO, Wong, directs the production

Another integral member of the team is Jack, CMB’s Structural Battery Pack Designer. He is responsible for designing IP65/IP67/IP68 housing for each battery solution. By crafting rugged and durable shell designs, Jack ensures that our battery packs are well protected from external factors, making them suitable for even the most challenging environments.

Mike Lee, CMB’s Electronic Engineer, designs various electronic system components to meet health and safety regulations. Mike’s meticulous work ensures that our batteries are reliable and comply with industry standards.

As our Software Engineer, John plays a crucial role in designing software and applications related to battery systems. John is responsible for programming CANBUS and UART communication for our Battery Management System (BMS). This ensures efficient communication within the battery system and enhanced performance.

David, CMB’s Manufacturing Engineer, focuses on identifying and addressing critical risks during production. David develops FMEAS (Design & Process) and test plans to ensure CMB is producing the highest quality battery pack solutions.

To support the manufacturing process, Vincent, our Engineer Assistant, completes essential paperwork as the technical output. This ensures a seamless flow of information within the engineering team and facilitates efficient collaboration with other departments.

Steven, CMB’s Technician, is responsible for assembling battery samples and conducting repairs whenever necessary. Steven’s expertise ensures that the batteries are assembled accurately and with precision.

Finally, our Engineering Clerk, Allen, outputs the Bill of Materials (BOM) for battery production, ensuring an accurate and efficient manufacturing process.

Teamwork is the Core of the Battery Pack Designer Team.

Our battery design engineer team members not only wield expertise in their respective positions, but they also know how to communicate and collaborate with one another to ensure the best product is being put forward. CMB’s engineering staff often works closely with other cross-functional teams, including product designers, customer consultants, and more. Effective communication allows them to align their cell pack designs with other components to ensure a smooth integration process.

As CTO and leader of the CMB battery pack designer team, Wang values efficient communication, ensuring seamless collaboration among team members. He also prioritizes fostering a positive work environment, treating each employee with the respect they deserve, and enabling his staff to thrive and reach their full potential.

CMB strives to maintain a positive and collaborative work environment, encourage the ideas of all team members, and ensure staff feel valued and motivated to stand out in their roles. The quality products CMB produces, and the customer satisfaction that comes along with them, serve as testaments to the importance of valuing and empowering the skilled employees we work with.

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The Challenges CMB’s Engineering Team Faces

As battery technology continues to advance, battery design engineers face significant challenges in developing efficient and safe battery systems. They must overcome hurdles related to performance, durability, and safety to deliver reliable and sustainable batteries for tech products that are ever-evolving. We at CM Batteries accept these challenges. Our battery design engineer team organizes outside studies and actively participates in research and development activities to ensure their knowledge keeps pace with the times. In addition, our team modifies our customers’ battery pack designs every year-end, free of charge, in order to incorporate the latest technology and achieve the best performance.

Our expert engineering team is dedicated to developing and producing innovative and efficient custom battery pack solutions. Led by our experienced Chief Technology Officer (CTO), who brings a wealth of industry knowledge, our staff of eight skilled engineering professionals ensures the successful design, production, and application of our custom battery packs. From designing durable battery housing to developing efficient software, to overseeing production, our team collaborates seamlessly to deliver reliable and high-performing battery products to each one of our clients.

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