A Comprehensive Knowledge About Batteries for High Temperature Environments

Batteries are widely used in various industries. Besides the batteries are requested to work in high-temperature environments, especially in extremely hot areas. When the batteries work at high temp environments, it will bring some risk to batteries and affect the performance. When the batteries work at a temperature over 60 °C, it is called high temperature environment. When the batteries work over 60°C, we should some actions to reduce the temperature or boost the batteries’ high temperature resistance.

This article will provide you with an in-depth discussion of the various types and unique characteristics of high temperature batteries, especially as compared to normal Li-ion batteries. In addition, we are going to look at a few intriguing options for developing high temperature battery packs.

The Classification of High Temp Battery

High temperature batteries, also known as high-temperature rechargeable batteries, are designed to work well in cold temperatures. They are included in the following three types.

High Lipo Battery

The lipo battery can support work at no higher than 80°C. When your devices choose lipo batteries, the space in your devices for lipo batteries is limited. That means the lipo cells should support the high-temperature environments.

High-Temperature Lithium-ion Battery

The high-temperature lithium-ion battery can support 85°C with long cycles. This type of high-temperature lithium-ion battery is widely used for outdoor GPS for cars & trucks.

Custom High-Temperature Battery Pack

The custom high-temperature battery packs are made of normal lithium-ion battery cells. But we usually adopt the technology by adding the cooling water, and heat insulation to protect the battery pack. This type batteries can be used for drilling, and mine exploration machines.

What Is The Difference Between High-Temperature Li-ion Battery and Normal Li-ion Battery?

High-temperature li-ion batteries differ from normal li-ion batteries in several ways. Understanding these differences is critical for effective application in high-temperature environments.

Higher Capacity Retention

When the high temperature lithium battery is at 85°C, the capacity retention reaches 90%.

Internal Resistance Stability

The high temperature li-ion battery has stable internal resistance stability when the batteries work over 60°C.

Longer Cycles

The high temperature battery has longer cycles and 500 cycles 90% capacity left.

High Temperature Battery Pack Solution

At CMB, we take pride in our ability to design custom high temp battery pack for various applications. We have successfully completed a number of custom batteries for high temperature environments. Allow us to showcase a few of our extraordinary custom battery solutions:

3.7V high temperature li ion battery pack

Application Background: Our 3.7V high temperature Li-ion battery pack has proven to be the perfect solution for applications such as collecting and analyzing car data, including GPS and accelerometer data, as well as telematics data.

  • Voltage: 3.7V
  • Capacity: 2900mAh or 5800mAh
  • Working Environment: Outdoor
  • Small Dimension
  • 3-5 Years Warranty
  • Temperature Sensor

This battery pack not only works efficiently in high-temperature environments but also excels in terms of capacity and lifespan. With its small and compact design, it can be easily fitted into a variety of applications while maintaining its durability and reliability. We offer our customers a 3-5-year warranty for longer usage and peace of mind. In addition, a built-in temperature sensor ensures optimal performance and overheating protection.

12V high temperature li ion battery pack

Application background: Designed specifically for drilling application

  • Voltage: 12.8V
  • Capacity: 30Ah
  • Working Environment: Over 80°C
  • Battery Technology: Cooling water, heat Insulation
  • Service: Personal customization

This robust battery pack has unique cooling water and heat insulation technology that allows it to work perfectly in harsh thermal conditions. Our customization service ensures that the battery packs are perfectly matched to your specific drilling requirements, providing optimal performance and longevity.



In the ever-expanding high-temperature environment, our customized high temperature battery technology provides reliable, efficient, and tailored results for a wide variety of applications. Choosing one reliable batteries for high temperature environments is very important. Otherwise, it will bring some risks like fires, explosion when your battery packs are not good at working in high temperature environments. CMB has over 5 years of experience in developing and researching custom batteries for high temp. If you have more requests, please contact us.


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