What Kind of Energy in Your Business Affects Your Growth?

Energy is the ability to do work. Everything is energy. The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life. If you would like to make your business grow, please ensure your mission and vision do not just earn money and energize your staff, your customers, your communities, and our environment.

I have over 10 years of business experience in the battery industry. For most of my working time, I always think about how to make our company and our brand as respectable as our Chinese Company. I would like to help more people in the world through my business. blank

Emotions are energy.

As the CEO, she always is dedicated to mastering the field she’s in. She must have to keep her energy to face all the difficulties. When she comes to the office, she should have the proactivity emotion. When the CEO comes to the office without a smile, the energy is negative. Her team feels nervous during the whole working day. They can not put their focus on improving customer service and they think about how to make the CEO happy. The result of the company seems peaceful but the real fact is another side what the energy output.

Besides, stable emotions make people more responsible and do not escape when they meet issues. When we do not find the right people in the business, that makes us crazy and lose. At last, the emotions are energy and give us good health. Do not stingy your smile to the people, the thing, and the scenery.

A person’s thoughts are energy.

When the person’s thoughts in your business are just making money and the intersection of interests, this kind of energy and people will be around you who make you in the trough period. As the desirable enterprise, the persons’ thoughts are with compassion and altruism.

Energizing Your Staff

Creating opportunities for mentorship, growth, further education, and a comfortable life.

Energizing Your Customers

Creating opportunities for business growth and success.

Energizing Our Communities

Creating opportunities via charitable donations and volunteer events.

Energizing Our Environment

Creating opportunities to reduce tech waste and pollution.

We see the CEO and superintendents who own the very big office room and put much energy into their power. They have gorgeous office equipment but they never see grass-roots employee’s and worker’s efforts. As the leader, you should think about how to serve your team’s work but not control them.

The small thing we can do is provide comfortable chairs for them.

Stop selling and start helping. Sometimes, the customers feel very confused and painful because of the poor information and unprofessional. Just put more energy into customers’ pain points.

Join in some donations to help more people and research pollution and climate.

CMB team

Deeds accord with words are energy.

Be the energy you want to attract. When we build the business mission, vision, and value, we should do deeds according to words. All the business strategies support the mission, vision, and value. When we face the choice of profits, how can we still be responsible, and professional, and follow our heart to make the decision? In our business period, how we can put other people first is a kind of wisdom.

Like some of our customers say: “You have been helpful with me with all the quality issues. I know they were not your fault but I think you have done all you could to support our partnership. So it is earned.”

When you say “I got your back “ to more people, you will attract the energy who say to you “We got your back”.

I want to energize others through my company’s products and initiatives, as well as my daily actions.

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