Li-ion Battery Problem Analysis and Solutions

Batteries are the heart of all application devices. When our life is without batteries, our motherland and nature will suffer more harm. Batteries are very professional. When we meet the problem with the li-ion battery not working, it makes us worried. You maintain and disassemble the batteries without professional guidance. It brings you some risks like fire or explosion.

Common Battery Problems

1. Battery Capacity Decrease

After some period of working, you feel the battery with shorter ranges than the new battery. That means the battery capacity decreases. At this time, you should replace or maintain the battery.

2. The Battery Hot

When you use the battery discharge or charge, you feel the temperature of the surface of the battery pack is too high. You must stop using the battery and put the battery aside to make it cool. When the li ion battery works at high temperature, discharges too current, and overcharges for a long time, it causes the battery to be hot. The batteries would be fired or explosion when the battery pack works in this situation for a while time.


3. The Battery No Charge & Discharge

The reasons the li ion battery has no charge & discharge are as follows:

  • The lithium battery may not be effectively charged due to reasons such as unrecovered protection of the BMS, failure protection of the BMS, or external short circuits between the li ion battery and the charger.
  • Low voltage lithium battery protection from the BMS or controller. The battery can not be discharged.

4. The Batteries Suddenly Stop Working

If the lithium battery suddenly stops working during use, it is most likely that the electricity in the lithium battery has been discharged, reached the minimum lower limit voltage of the BMS or controller, and the self-protection function of the lithium battery is turned on, causing a power outage.

5. Leakage

When the battery pack can not work, then you disassemble the shrink wrap. You can see the batteries rusty. That means the battery is leaking. You should stop using the battery, otherwise, it would have some risks like fires or explosions.

6. Battery Draining Fast

When the self-consumption of the BMS is very high, this situation causes the battery to drain fast. Besides, when you use up the capacity of the battery, you do not charge it right now and put it aside for a few months. It also causes the battery to drain fast. When the battery is drained, the battery can not be charged & discharged.

Battery Analysis Tools

Before the battery analysis or maintenance, we should prepare some tools. Here are some tools for your reference.

  • Soldering Iron Tool – The soldering iron is required for circuit repair and component replacement. It is recommended to choose a soldering iron with a power of 15W-30W. Do not use too high power to avoid damaging the battery.
  • Multimeter – The multimeter is required for battery maintenance and troubleshooting. The multimeter can detect voltage, current, resistance, and other parameters, which is helpful for battery data analysis.
  • Li-ion Battery Tester – The battery tester is an instrument specifically designed to test battery performance. Testing its capacity, internal resistance, and other parameters can help determine whether the battery needs to be replaced.
  • Wiring boards, chip components – The boards and chip components are available for circuit repair and replacement of corresponding components.

Lithium-ion Battery Failure Analysis Steps

When you suffer the confusion about the lithium-ion battery failure, please do not worry. You can follow up the simple analysis steps first.

  • You can check the surface of the battery whether is impacted.
  • Open the battery housing or remove the shrink wrap. Then you inspect whether the wires are well-connected or not.
  • Inspect the battery whether is leakage or rusty.
  • Use the multimeter to measure the voltage from P+ and P-.From the battery data analysis, we can preliminary judge the BMS problem or the cell’s problems.
  • Use the multimeter to measure the voltage from B+ and B-, the voltage of the battery series.

When you analyze the battery problem as per the above steps, you can send us. Our engineering team will give you the battery analysis report. Because li ion battery pack maintenance or repair is professional working. You’d better get comprehensive guidance from the engineering support. CMB always are here to serve all the customers and is devoted to boosting li ion battery industry to get reliable quality and long-lasting custom batteries.


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