A Warm Celebration: Love, Passion, Happiness At The 2023 Chinese Dragon Boat Festival In CMB

The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the 5th day of the 5th Lunar Month, marks great significance for traditional Chinese culture. This centuries-old festival, marked by lively dragon boat races and delicious rice dumplings, continues to captivate modern-day China. In this article, we will explore the significance of the festival historically and in the context of CM Batteries (CMB). We are carefully preparing the festival’s activities and celebrating together. Our HR Manager Jasmine put her heart into the activities to care about the staff behind the scenes.

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The significance of the Dragon Boat Festival for CM batteries

The Dragon Boat Festival originated from the legend of Qu Yuan, a famous poet, and statesman of ancient China. In modern-day China, the Dragon Boat Festival holds profound cultural significance. It not only promotes traditional values and preserves the country’s rich heritage but also acts as a bonding experience for communities and workplaces across the nation. For CM Batteries, the festival brings the staff closer together, fostering a sense of unity, teamwork, and celebration of cultural diversity.

HR  Manager  Initial Heart: Take care of CMB staff Who Take Care of the People

Jasmine’s job is looking for the right people for CMB and then taking care of the staff who take care of the people. She always put her eyes on the growth of the staff behind the scenes. Jasmine planned the activities to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival one month ago. She combines the culture from different regions with different food, culture, and event planning.

The site was filled with colorful decorations, abundant dishes, and steaming hot pots that exuded a joyful atmosphere.

The mood of our Jasmine is making all the staff relax and stopping the boring formal activities.

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Some Words of Jasmine After the Event Who Talks With Her Colleague

Colleague: What is your Initial Heart For this Event?

Jasmine: I am very impressed with my hometown culture to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival.When I recall my traditional celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival and I still feel the happiness same as when I was a child. So I would like to transfer the happiness to my colleagues who can recall the happiness and desirable friendship in CMB no matter where they are and how many years go away.

Colleague: Do You Think The Colleague Like This Event?

Jasmine: I got some feedback from colleagues who like the atmosphere-it makes them relaxed and casual not formal.Although the overall event may have deviated slightly from my initial expectations. I know how quickly make newcomers settle in and appreciate the positivity that the holidays bring to the workplace.

Colleague: Will You Continue to Make More Events to Make The Colleagues More Relaxed?

Jasmine: Absolutely. My job is creating the workplace and activities to make us ask the family and relax. I would like to lead more people to energize the people around us.

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CM Batteries firmly believes in the power of beliefs and higher spiritual pursuits. The Dragon Boat Festival serves as a reminder of the importance of benevolence, righteousness, and empathy. It encourages individuals to renounce selfishness and create activities that empower people with positive energy. By passing this positive energy on to those around them, everyone can feel happy and fulfilled.

In conclusion, the 2023 Chinese Dragon Boat Festival at CM Batteries was indeed a warm celebration filled with love, passion, and happiness. This event not only brought the employees closer together but also allowed them to experience the touch of their cultural heritage. All the members of CMB cherished memories of this festival, fostering a deep sense of belonging and unity within the company.

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