A Comprehensive Knowledge About Ternary Lithium Battery

Ternary lithium battery is also named Li(NiCoMn)O2 battery and its abbr is NCM. The different ternary lithium cell brands own their ternary cell formula by adjusting the proportion of Ni, Co, and Mn. Ternary lithium battery is very popular in different industrial applications. We’ll explain more about the ternary lithium battery.

What is A Ternary Lithium Battery?

Ternary lithium battery is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, with three transition metal oxides of Nickel, Cobalt, and manganese as the positive electrode material. The lithium ternary battery has higher energy density, low internal resistance, and lower cost than Lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are widely used for power tools, electric bikes, electronic consumer devices medical devices, etc.

In the market, the trend of ternary lithium batteries is 21700 batteries, 18650 batteries, 18500 batteries, 14650 batteries, 14500 batteries, and 14430 batteries. The 18650 ternary lithium battery has a high-temperature lithium battery and a low-temperature battery.

The Ternary Within Battery VS Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery:

The discovery of phosphate as a cathode material in 1996 led to the development of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries using a well-known battery material. One such battery is the LiFePO4 or LFP battery, also referred to as “lithium ferrophosphate.”

  • The cycles difference

Ternary lithium battery has shorter cycles than lifepo4 battery. About ternary lithium battery life cycle, it has 500-1000 cycles with the standard discharge rate when the capacity is left at 80%. The cycles of lithium iron phosphate battery are 2000 cycles and the capacity is>80%.

  • The energy density difference

The ternary lithium battery has higher energy density than the lifepo4 battery, and the working time is longer than the lifepo4 battery. Both of these types of batteries with the same capacity, the lifepo4 battery has a bigger dimension and heavier weight.

  • Low-temperature performance difference

The ternary lithium battery has better performance than the lifepo4 battery in a low-temperature environment. As you know, during the temperature below -20°C, the lithium batteries can release 70% capacity but the lifepo4 battery just releases 50% capacity.

  • Safety difference

Lifepo4 battery is much safer like fires or explosions than a tergary lithium battery. If your devices want to work in a damp and bleak environment, a lifepo4 battery is the better choice.

Current Status of 2023 China’s Ternary Li-ion Batteries Market

In the Chinese market, ternary li-ion batteries are a niche market, but with the development of new energy vehicles, the development of ternary lithium-ion batteries technology and products has also been developing rapidly. According to a report by market research company Statista, China’s ternary lithium battery market size will grow from 4.4 billion yuan to 136.8 billion yuan from 2013 to 2023, with an average annual compound growth rate of 19.6%. By 2023, China’s Ternary Li-ion Batteries market is expected to maintain a high growth trend, and the market size of China’s li-ion batteries are expected to exceed 145 billion yuan.

In addition, the price trend of ternary lithium batteries has also been in a downward trend. In 2013, the price per watt-hour in China was 22 yuan. By 2023, the price is expected to further drop to 7.5 yuan, a decrease of 66.8%.

Ternary Lithium Battery vs Lifepo4

Future Development Trends of China’s Ternary Lithium Batteries Market

  • The Technological innovation will be the key to market development.

Currently, lithium-ion battery products have certain technical flaws. Therefore, technological innovation will be the main trend in the future development of the ternary lithium batteries market.

In this regard, adding new technologies such as i-GNP (intelligent gel-like technology) and MCMB (polycrystalline graphene technology) to ternary lithium batteries can significantly improve the performance and service life of the batteries. On the product side, participation Companies will use these technologies to develop products with higher performance and higher energy efficiency.

  • New energy vehicles will promote the development of the ternary lithium battery market.

In terms of new energy vehicles, the Chinese government is also increasing policy support. In the first three quarters of 2018, new energy vehicle sales exceeded 1.5 million units, an increase of 87.3% over the same period in 2017, bringing new development opportunities to new energy vehicles. Ternary lithium batteries are the key power components of new energy vehicles. The rapid development of new energy vehicles will promote the technological innovation and application development of ternary lithium batteries.

China’s li-ion ternary batteries market will continue to maintain a good development trend in 2023. The li-ion batteries manufacturers will use new technological innovations to improve product performance, and at the same time increase support for new energy technologies to promote the use of ternary lithium batteries in automobiles and consumer products. Popularization and development of electronic products and industrial applications.

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