Battery Problem Analysis of LiPo Battery Pack Short Circuit

Lipo battery packs are widely used for different applications. We have suffered some issues of lipo batteries even damaging our life and property. We’ll share the battery problem analysis of the Lipo battery pack short circuit.

What is Lipo Battery Short Circuit?

Lipo battery packs have internal and external short circuits. When the positive poles of the lipo battery collide with the negative poles, the battery pack happens a short circuit which is called an external short circuit. In addition, when the metals pierce the poles of lipo batteries and the overcharge or overcharge, they cause the battery to external short circuit.

When the lipo battery is on a charge, the temperature becomes high which causes the internal chemtry active and the lipo happens to a short circuit which is named the internal short circuit. Be careful of the lipo battery pack short circuit and it brings many risks.

3.7V 2100mAh lipo battery

What is the Compensatory Restoration When a LiPo Battery Short Circuit?

When the Lithium polymer battery pack short circuits, we should stop the lipo battery pack working or charge timely. You can follow the compensatory restoration actions.

  • Reduce the charge current and the charge voltage, and check whether the safety valve is blocked.
  • Regularly charge and discharge
  • When the PCB of the lipo battery short circuit, we should replace the new PCB.

The Precaution Actions of LiPo Battery Short Circuit

All lipo batteries explode because of the battery heating which is caused by short circuits. The causes of short circuits include overcharge, over-discharge, direct connection of positive and negative electrodes, electrolyte leakage, etc.

  1. Compatible PCB design of lipo battery.
  2. Prohibit overcharge and use the dedicated lipo battery charger.
  3. Keep clean and stay away from the wires, and sharp metals.
  4. Make lipo battery work at the regulated working temperature.
  5. Choose high high-quality 3.7V lipo battery cell

The Battery Problem Analysis of Lipo Battery Short Circuit

We’ll explain more about the battery problem analysis of the Lithium polymer battery short circuit. First, we will tell you the battery problem when the lipo battery pack short circuit.

  • The voltage will be zero or lower voltage.
  • The external lipo battery has burn points.
  • The lipo battery expansion is caused by the internal positive and negative electrodes’ direct contact and short-circuit.

When we suffer these issues, what can we do? Let us analyze together.

First, we use the multimeter to measure the voltage of the lipo battery pack and record the voltage.

Second, we measure the voltage without PCB by a multimeter. From the two steps, we can analyze whether the cells or PCB short circuit.

When the battery cell short circuits, the lipo battery pack can not be used and we should make them disposal and make a new lipo battery. When the lipo cells are good, we can replace the new PCB instead.


Lipo batteries are popular with various applications. The high quality and reliable lipo batteries are very important for application manufacturers. To avoid the issues of battery short circuits, you should look for one professional lipo battery manufacturer who has excellent engineering experience and strict quality standards. If you are looking for one custom lipo battery for your project, you can contact the CM Batteries team to join together.


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