Core Values To Help Your Business Charge On

Taking your company to the next level can be challenging. Business might be good, but how can it be great? One thing that can ultimately prevent meaningful business growth is a lack of cohesiveness throughout a company. You may have hired the most incredibly brilliant, hard-working people that you’re proud to call your team, but how do you bring them together to operate as a single unit working towards a common goal? How do you instruct your team to communicate with customers and one another in a way that aligns with and promotes your brand and its vision? For CMB, our answer was to unite our team under our core values for life and business.


Core values can help a team get on the same page and operate with a more singular mindset. They set a standard for office culture and let your team know what your company appreciates seeing in their work on a day-to-day basis. They also can inform approaches to marketing, customer communication, product development, and more. After much deliberation, we carefully selected and implemented 4 core values for CMB:

  • Proactivity
  • Collaboration
  • Quality
  • Transparency

Here’s a little bit about why we chose each of these core values.


Chess grandmasters win games because they foresee 15 or 20 moves into the future, and that’s emblematic of our proactivity value. We address potential problems before they happen so we’re ready in case of an emergency, and we also consider the future with every decision that we make. This may mean predicting future market trends, technological developments, and customer needs. This value sometimes calls for us to make difficult decisions that will benefit us in the long run, like investing in R&D or additional benefits for our team members. While it may seem expensive at the moment, we all work together to strive towards industry-defining innovations and a happy team in the future.


Collaboration is not just about breaking down silos, it’s about building a culture. We want everyone to feel comfortable sharing and developing ideas together, both for the superior product we can produce as a unit and to promote a healthy work environment that our team will look forward to participating in every day. Team-building exercises, an open-door managerial policy, and a culture of positivity are important factors in maintaining our collaborative workplace.


Our quality value starts with the idea of pride. We take pride in everything we do at CMB, from customer support to the products we produce to the standard we adhere to when we hire our talented employees. Our team knows that we are here to produce the very best products in the market and the best results humanly possible in all other departments. By feeling pride in our work, we can go above and beyond to excel in our industry.


Trust is the key component of transparency that we focus on at CMB. By being honest and straightforward, both internally and externally, we’re able to create an elite level of trust within our team and with our customers. Our integrity is important to us, and we want every employee and customer to leave each interaction with us feeling connected to our company and our people. This value rings true at all levels, from executive decisions to production details.

By uniting under these four core values, we’re able to work together as a cohesive team to achieve any goals we have for CMB. Contact our team of experts to learn more about our team, our batteries, and our company culture. And if you haven’t already, consider implementing your own set of core company values for you and your team to lean on as you continue to grow as a business.

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