Maximizing Efficiency In Custom GPS Tracker Batteries

In today’s digital age, the Internet of Things (IoT) plays a crucial role in various industries, from logistics, transportation, child safety, and wildlife management. The heart of IoT devices, such as GPS trackers is their power source, and choosing the right battery solution with optimal performance and longevity is paramount. This article explores the benefits of customized battery packs for GPS trackers and essential tips for maintaining their efficiency.

Global Positioning System (GPS) technology serves as a cornerstone for accurate location data crucial in IoT applications. However, harnessing the full potentiality of GPS requires reliable and optimized power sources.


Applications of Customized Tracker GPS Battery Packs

Vehicle Rental: Vehicle-mounted GPS trackers come in two types: built-in battery type and wired type. The GPS trackers can provide real-time positioning, track vehicle locations at any time, view historical routes, and generate various driving reports. CMB’s bespoke Tracker GPS battery packs power vehicle-mounted GPS trackers, enabling real-time positioning, historical route tracking, and comprehensive driving reports. The batteries ensure uninterrupted operation without compromising the vehicle battery lifespan. It boosts the management of vehicle rental.

Logistics delivery: With CMB’s high-performance custom battery pack solutions, GPS-enabled logistics devices maintain seamless connectivity, providing accurate real-time transportation status updates for efficient delivery operations. This includes cold chain management, general cargo transportation, and food delivery logistics.

Car SOS system: CMB’s wide temperature battery solutions are widely used for car SOS systems with over 3 years warranty.

Outdoor sensor system: The sensor system can detect the status and alert some danger.

Wildlife and Livestock Management: Animal management encompasses livestock like cattle, sheep, horses, and pets like cats and dogs. Let’s start with animal husbandry. Livestock industry data can be collected using GPS trackers. Herders can manage to graze, monitor locations, check health statuses via an app anytime, prevent inbreeding through traceability systems, and improve pasture supervision to counteract grassland degradation due to overgrazing. Apart from pets, an increasing number of people are keeping cats, dogs, and other pets. Pet GPS trackers can effectively mitigate risks associated with pet loss due to negligence.

These are just a few examples of GPS tracker applications, and there are many more we can discuss here. If you’re interested in high-quality, long-lasting GPS batteries, please contact CMB for top-notch solutions.

Maintaining GPS Battery Efficiency Tips

In the realm of GPS technology, understanding how to maximize battery life is crucial for sustained device performance. Many users inadvertently affect their GPS batteries’ longevity due to common charging misconceptions. This article delves into the best practices for using GPS batteries effectively and maintaining their optimal performance all the time.

Common Misconceptions and Impact on Battery Life

Many users habitually plug in the GPS charger to their car’s power source, assuming it will automatically charge the GPS battery. However, this continuous charging and discharging cycle can significantly impact the battery’s lifespan. The number of charge-discharge cycles is the primary determinant of lithium battery life, leading to decreased durability in-vehicle GPS batteries over time.

Optimal Charging Practices

The correct approach involves charging the GPS battery when its power is low and disconnecting the charger upon full charge. Due to self-discharge tendencies, GPS batteries can over-discharge if left unused for extended periods. Monthly recharging is recommended to prevent over-discharge, especially for new batteries with initial capacities below 50%. Following the manual’s instructions for regular charging is crucial, preferably using the original charger to maintain battery health.

Proper maintenance is crucial for extending the lifespan and efficiency of GPS batteries. CMB emphasizes the following tips:

  • Avoid Overcharging and Over-Discharging: Regular charging helps preserve lithium battery integrity when the battery is at low capacity.
  • Use Original Chargers: Opt for the manufacturer’s charger to ensure compatibility and prevent potential damage from third-party chargers.
  • Avoid Unauthorized Modifications: Built-in car GPS lithium batteries should not be tampered with or modified independently.
  • Environmental Protection: Shield GPS devices from extreme conditions and liquid exposure to safeguard battery longevity against corrosion.

By adhering to these best practices and providing proper maintenance, the overall service life of car GPS devices aligns with battery durability. For comprehensive insights into GPS batteries and to explore various options, contact CMB for expert guidance and quality solutions.


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Advantages of CMB’s Customized Tracker GPS Battery Solutions:

  • Safety and Reliability: CMB employs special encapsulation technology to prevent internal short circuits, ensuring safe and reliable battery performance.
  • Tailored Design: Customized shapes and micro sizes cater to specific IoT device requirements, optimizing space utilization and performance.
  • High Performance: These battery packs support high-rate discharge and rapid charging capabilities, crucial for IoT devices requiring frequent usage and quick recharging cycles.
  • Wide Operating Range: With a wide operating temperature range (-40°C to 85°C), CMB’s batteries are suitable for diverse environmental conditions, ensuring consistent performance across applications.
  • Energy Efficiency: The high energy density of CMB’s batteries enables long-term tracking for applications demanding large-capacity batteries.

CMB’s expertise in providing customized Tracker GPS battery solutions not only enhances IoT efficiency but also ensures seamless operation and reliability across diverse applications. By prioritizing safety, performance, and tailored design, CMB empowers IoT deployments to achieve optimal functionality and longevity. When you inquire about CMB’s battery solutions, please reach out to us to explore the possibilities of powering your IoT innovations.


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