New E-Bike Battery Technology & Industry Explained

Lithium-ion batteries for bikes have experienced decades years development. The advantage of the lighter,longer-lasting, and higher capacities of lithium-ion batteries made the electric bike enjoyable and adventurous. We’ll give you a comprehensive of the new e-bike battery technology and the industry. You will have the basic concept of how to choose an ebike battery manufacturer and find the best ebike battery solutions.

New E-Bike Battery Technology Trend

In the electric bike industry, e-bike technology battery trends include these three main points:

  • Smart BMS like CANBUS and UART are more widely used in electric bicycles. However, the experience and electronic software knowledge of the engineering team can make a reliable battery management system solution that boosts the battery performance and customer experience.
  • Unique housing design makes the electric bicycles with better shape, and lighter weight even harder with carbon fiber materials.
  • Waterproofing is the basic requested before. Good waterproof function makes the battery more reliable to protect the battery from fires and performance. When developing electric bike batteries, the technology makes the battery inside waterproof and fashion housing waterproof.
New E-Bike Battery Technology

E-bike Industry Trends in Battery

We will provide an overview of the electric bicycle industry trends in battery from three areas:

  • Ebike batteries are one seasonal product. The best sale reason is in the summer. As one e-bike wholesaler or manufacturer, the volume of the case and the ability of the purchase operations are important.
  • The electric bike battery types are divided into silver fish e-bike battery, downtube e-bike battery,hailong e-bike battery, shark e-bike battery, water bottle battery, inner tube battery, rear rack battery, electric water bike battery, and integrated electric bike battery. However, the integrated electric bike battery and custom e-bike battery for electric water bikes are more popular and in good shape.
  • The North American market has good sales and requires of 48V ebike battery and a 52V ebike battery because the high power is requested because of the regional scene. The European market has a better trend of 36V e-bike batteries. The United Kingdom likes the integrated ebike battery, making the bike lighter.

Tips for Electric Bike Batteries: Volts, Amps & Watt Hours Explained


Votls are the “pressure” that electricity of the sites. The higher voltage causes more electricity to the bike. The voltage of an e-bike ranges from 36 volts or 48 volts.


The data of the Amps are counted by the motor power. The amps of an e-bike have continuous discharge amps and peak continuous discharge amps. The battery BMS solution is basic to the amp information. When the amp data is not clear, it will have short circuits, burn, or fire risks.


The battery capacity is defined as the total amount of the charge. For example, a constant discharge current of 1C (10A) can be drawn from 10Ah for 1 hour. The standard capacity of an e-bike battery is 10Ah-24.5Ah.

Watt Hours

The watts hours is another way to calculate the energy. The watt-hours are the voltage provided multiplied by how much current (Amps) the battery can provide from some amount of time in an hour. Voltage X Amps X Hour =Wh. The total watt-hours of 500Wh is contained from a 48 volt and 10.4amp-hour battery and it also can be contained as a 37 volt and 13.8 amp-hour battery. The final ebike battery pack solution should be matched to the voltage of the motor.

Top Tips for Choosing and Maintaining Your E-Bike Batteries

How to choose an ebike battery pack?

Before you find the best ebike battery pack, we should find out the reliable ebike battery pack suppliers who have excellent manufacturing and development of Li-ion batteries. When we do the cooperation with the battery suppliers who do not focus on the quality and battery technology, it would cause your loss. Most trade companies only would like to sell and can not control the engineering and quality. The best solution for how to choose an e-bike battery pack is to look for one lithium-ion battery manufacturer whose brand is value-centric, R & D, and quality control. The professional e-bike battery supplier can support you to get the best battery solution.CMB is one brand that is not just a profit-focused business but also donates the fortune to support people’s lives. More details of CMB’s value-centers.

How to maintain an electric bike battery?

  • Keep the electric bike battery not 100% fully discharged and charged.
  • Use the dedicated charger
  • Every 3 months should be charged or discharged when you store the ebike battery
  • Use the electric bicycle battery as the manual


This article discusses electric bike technology & industry in battery, including the use of smart BMS, unique case designs, and waterproofing. The article also explores trends in the e-bike industry, tips for understanding volt, amp, and watt-hours, and provides tips for selecting and maintaining e-bike batteries.

Making an ebike battery with the new 18650 battery technology for e-bikes helps you with a long-lasting lifespan and reliable battery performance. In addition, we continue to emphasize the importance of finding a reliable battery supplier. Be sure to choose a brand-centered, quality-focused manufacturer, which CM Batteries is.


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