5 Tips for Increasing E-Bike Sales

E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular, increasing competition in the e-bike marketplace. Retailers need an edge, and using a combination of thinking outside of the box and following sales best practices is essential to succeed. This can be a daunting challenge, but we’ve put together a few tips to get you started on your journey to increasing electric bikes for sale.

1. Lean on Experience.

You’d probably rather buy shoes from Nike or Adidas than from a brand you don’t know, and that’s because both brands have compiled marketplace experience and great reputations over the years. Nothing sells products like experience. Lean on the experience of your support staff and manufacturer to provide quality and safety assurance to your customers. Using a trustworthy manufacturer conveys to your target consumers that your brand values quality and safety over saving a buck.

2. Know Your Product.

Know everything there is to know about your product to impress potential buyers. This means knowing about battery customization, maximum and average driving speeds, regional laws and regulations, nearby trails for test riding your e-bike, and the latest e-bike style trends for each demographic. Know which models are best for different riding circumstances (urban, rural, mountain, etc.), so you can point your customers in the right direction. Finally, ride e-bikes yourself to be well versed in the riding experience and authentic about your passion for the product.

3. Allow Test Rides.

Build trust with customers by offering test rides. Feel free to limit the speed and area if you’d like, but the ability to try these products out can be the final push a customer needs to make a purchase. Emphasize that you want to sell them a product they’re going to be really happy with, not just something that looks good on paper. They’ll appreciate the extra attention to their needs and it will strengthen your bond with the customer, increasing the likelihood of a sale. Even if the customer doesn’t buy one, they’ll now be aware of your product and your attention to customer service, which means free word-of-mouth advertising to other potential customers.

4. Host Events.

Host promotional events, be a guest at other community events, and get to know the customers and the community however you can to increase sales over time. Emphasize your give-back programs and the good they do for the community to let your customers know that your store is here to stay. Participate in industry events and tradeshows as well for maximum visibility.

5. Analyze Your Target Market.

Know what your customer wants so you can offer the right things and find opportunities to cross-sell. If your target customer group is young athletes, bring up group rides that happen in your community as an opportunity to get to know other young people in the community. If you’re targeting young adults commuting to college, know where they are on social media and advertise to them there. If your target audience is eco-conscious, focus your marketing on the environmental impact they can make by riding one of your bikes instead of driving a car.

Use market research reports, third-party data analytics companies, and surveys (which are free to administer) to learn more about your target audience. Use natural language processing software to get the most out of your surveys, as it can help you get a better understanding of the emotions and intentions of your customers.

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