How To Recharge Your Internal Battery in the New Year

It was a busy year, and the holiday break couldn’t have come soon enough. Hopefully, you got some much-needed rest and relaxation over the holidays, but now that January has arrived, you may be feeling the responsibilities of your normal life returning in full force. Instead of hunkering down for another year full of stress and burnout, consider taking the time now to implement habits that will help you maintain balance throughout 2024.

Much like our favorite devices, we all have an internal “battery” that needs to be charged every once in a while. Like a lithium battery, our internal batteries run the risk of deep discharge if we don’t stop to take the time to take care of ourselves. Follow these tips to recharge your internal battery in the new year:

Reflect on Wins from the Past Year

You worked hard last year and accomplished a lot. Take some time to appreciate and enjoy your achievements before moving on to your next challenge. Some achievements, such as personal growth moments, aren’t tangible like work or financial wins are, so it’s important to give just as much attention to those milestones as well. By bringing attention to the progress we’ve made, reflecting on our past achievements helps motivate and refuel us for continued efforts to be made in the new year.


Book a Vacation

Tough work and life situations are easier to grind through when you have something to look forward to. Take a look at your schedule for the year, and book some time off for yourself before your schedule fills up. Plan that dream vacation you’ve been saving up for, or perhaps a weekend trip somewhere semi-local that won’t break the bank.

A smaller scale but still effective version of this is to plan personal days for yourself. If the idea of taking time off of work is adding to your stress, book yourself a “stay-cation” in your own home. This could be simply one of your weekends or a lone Saturday or Sunday where you commit to doing absolutely nothing but recharging your internal battery. Having a personal day physically in your calendar will ensure you get this time to yourself to recharge without committing to other plans.

Practice Self-care

Taking care of your health is a great place to start when you’re trying to recharge your internal battery. Drink lots of water, eat healthy, and exercise for optimal physical health. Practice mindfulness, do yoga, or meditate to rejuvenate your mental health.

Break Out of your Routine

One thing that can easily drain our energy in our daily lives is the monotony of routine, particularly a routine that you’re not excited about. Try changing things up by attending fun events, taking a class, or reconnecting with an old friend. Another great way to break out of your routine is by spending time in nature, which has been shown to have positive effects on mental well-being. Even if you live in the city, taking the time to visit a park or forest preserve can be a great way to rest and recharge.

Get Organized

Oftentimes our stress is amplified by being disorganized. Take some time to organize your desk and work area, clean up your email inbox and text messages, and donate things you don’t use to declutter your home. Make a mental catalog of the stressors in your life, and think of ways you can keep them under control (or at least accept the things that you can’t control). Be intentional about how to avoid or deal with these stressors in the future with best practices like setting boundaries, taking more time to relax, or unplugging technology more often.

Like the lithium-ion batteries that power the devices in our lives, our internal batteries need to be recharged every once in a while. Start the new year right with an internal battery recharge, and watch your energy levels return to optimal status. Just remember, the new year isn’t the only time to rest and reset. Recharge your batteries throughout the year to ensure a well-balanced mental state.

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