The Latest Lithium Battery Cleaning Machine Technology and Solutions

As a professional battery pack designer and manufacturer, we understand the importance of quality and safety in battery packs used in cleaning machines. With the increasing number of cleaning machine brands in the market, it is crucial for battery pack suppliers to stay up-to-date with the latest lithium battery pack technology for this equipment. Whether your device is a vacuum cleaner, ride-on machine (floor sweepers, floor scrubbers, etc.), or autonomous cleaning machine, this article will tell you everything you need when choosing a lithium-ion battery for your equipment.

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Types of Lithium Batteries for Cleaning Machines

When it comes to different battery chemistries and types, it’s important to know about your options. For example, a LiMnCO2 battery is lighter than a LiFePO4 battery, but LiFePO4 batteries are very popular for cleaning machine brands.

The below chart shows the basic 24V and 36V lithium-ion battery pack solutions.

MaterialsBattery Cell TypeVoltageCapacity

BMS Function:

  1. Built with UL BMS with a continuous discharge current of 20A and pulse discharge current of 170A
  2. Double discharge protection
  3. Low-temperature charge protection
  4. Preheating for low temperature charging

Customization: CMB provides the OEM battery assembly service for cleaning machines.

Battery Assembly for Cleaning Equipment

Assembling batteries for cleaning equipment requires the following 3 components. Having a good understanding of these parts will help you make an informed decision when choosing the right battery for your cleaning equipment.

  • Customized Bracket

If your bracket isn’t the right size, it can cause your battery to be exposed to metal and short circuits, which can lead to dangerous fires. To reduce the risk of short-circuiting and fires, CMB creates customized brackets for each cleaning machine battery design. If the battery pack meets the UL standard, the customized bracket is then sent for drop testing.

lithium battery cleaning machine Customized Bracket
  • Wires Connection Process

In this stage, a sample line is used for welding the wires to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). This is done to reduce the wire extrusion risk when the battery pack is installed in the battery case. This helps secure the wires and prevent them from being pushed out of place.

lithium battery cleaning machine Wires Connection Process
  • BMS Design

A battery management system (BMS) ensures a battery is working effectively and safely. CMB can create custom BMS that suit the needs of each unique battery pack design.
If you receive a state-of-health (SOH) warning, it can cause a capacity loading issue within the battery. We prevent this issue by using a heating film to increase the temperature of the battery before discharging it. This will send a signal to the cleaning system to start working when the discharge current is normal.

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What should I do if my cleaning machine battery pack is not working or showing signs of danger?

We believe in addressing these issues through the following comprehensive solutions:

  • Quality Design

Prevent these issues by investing resources into the design of your battery. A good engineering team will use their vast knowledge of battery chemistries, development, and industrial applications along with practical experience to design the perfect battery for you.

Our engineering team is at the core of CMB’s work. Our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) has more than 15 years of experience in the lithium-ion battery industry and has previously worked with other industry leaders like ATL, BYD, and BAK.

Experienced teams will help you avoid dangerous mistakes, like automated machines producing batteries without quality insulation.

  • Comprehensive Laboratory Testing

Before our cleaning machine batteries are sold to customers, they undergo extensive laboratory testing. We run high and low charge, discharge, vibration, short circuit, and limit testing to ensure that our batteries are safe for use.

CMB is dedicated to providing the most efficient and safe battery pack solutions for cleaning machines. We have received positive feedback from cleaning machine manufacturers and brands, and we would love to energize your cleaning machines with our customized battery packs. Contact us to learn more about how we can enhance your cleaning equipment with the latest lithium battery technology.


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