The Importance Of High Quality Rechargeable Batteries

As a professional supplier of customized lithium battery packs, we are aware that lithium batteries have become widely used for different industrial applications. However, more and more suppliers may use used batteries, especially in the home storage battery system to reduce the cost. Energizing high-quality rechargeable batteries with moral-driven action is good fortune and responsible action for our consumers, community, and Mother Earth. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the risks of using used batteries and why it’s essential to use high-quality batteries.

The battery market is very confused with the situation of the suppliers who cut corners and use second-hand batteries to assemble battery packs in the market. This brings serious risks and concerns for the consumers. The customers not only care about the cost but also get more professional knowledge on custom battery pack assembly, battery pack knowledge, and the materials such as the cells, the BMS, the nickel strap and battery pack assembly and design woodcraft, etc. The cells are the heart of the battery pack. What is more, the welding and disassembly cells are named used batteries. They also can not be used to assemble battery packs.

Used Batteries vs. Factory Batteries

Second-Hand Batteries vs. High-Quality Rechargeable Batteries

Second-hand batteries with several risks:

  • They cause battery pack leakage or explosions after they are used which threaten people’s life and property.
  • The second-hand batteries also damage your brand and lose your customers.

In summary, there are a few different types of rechargeable battery chemistries to choose from:

Nickel Metal Hydride(NiMH)3 to 5 years700 to 100012-36 hours(Slow)
1 hour(Fast)
55(Gravimetric density)
180(Volumetric density)
-4℉ to 122℉
(-20℃ to 50℃)
Lithium Rechargeable2 to 4 years600 to 1000Varies(Slow)
1 hour(Fast
90(Gravimetric density)
210(Volumetric density)
40℉ to 140℉
(-40℃ to 60℃)
Nickel Cadmium1.5 to 3 years1000+4-10 hours(Slow)
0.25-1 hour(Fast)
50(Gravimetric density)
140(Volumetric density)
22℉ to 140℉
(-30℃ to 60℃)
Lead Acid6 monthsVaries24 hours(Slow)
3-5 hours(Fast)
30-50(Gravimetric density)
30-90(Volumetric density)
77℉ to 92℉
(25℃ to 33℃)

Overall, each battery chemistry has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of shelf life, cycle life, recharge time, energy density, and operating temperature. The specific requirements and applications will determine your final battery pack solution with the different chemistries cells.

To protect your brand, please care the quality. 

Used Batteries Cheap

Using Second-Hand Batteries Tends To Become More Expensive In The Long Run

High-quality batteries undergo stringent testing and adhere to strict manufacturing standards to ensure they meet safety requirements. The use of poor quality batteries can seriously affect the use of electronic devices, resulting in shorter battery life reduced performance, and an inability to hold a charge for long periods of time. This can lead to accidental damage to our devices and no power when we need it most. In addition, poor-quality batteries may also damage the device, leading to costly repairs or replacements.

While they may have a higher upfront cost compared to their Second-hand battery counterparts, their superior performance and longer lifespan make them a smart investment. By choosing high-quality batteries, you can avoid the frequent need for replacements and the associated costs. Additionally, high-quality batteries often come with warranties, providing you with peace of mind and further financial protection.

To mitigate these risks and ensure the best performance, it is essential to prioritize the use of high-quality batteries.

Used batteries cause equipment fires

Looking For The Rechargeable Battery Suppliers Who Prioritize Quality Control And It Is Critical

When it comes to battery quality, CM Batteries is a company that has a great vision and mission to energize the battery pack with high quality. CMB is committed to creating custom battery packs that bring lasting energy to devices of all shapes, sizes, and functions. But our purpose as a company extends beyond the high-quality products we design and manufacture.

At CM Batteries, we understand the importance of high-quality batteries. We’re on a mission to energize products, people, and the planet with our high-quality batteries and moral-driven actions. We are providing customers with high-quality rechargeable batteries(OEM cells) that are safe, reliable, and long-lasting. We take quality control seriously and comply with the ISO9001 standard to guarantee our products meet the highest quality standards.

CMB Factory Cells

In conclusion, the importance of high-quality rechargeable batteries cannot be understated. They ensure safety, enhance equipment performance, and prove to be a cost-effective choice in the long run.  You can both secure your device and contribute to a greener planet. CMB can help you do that! Remember, investing in quality means investing in safety and performance.


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